Top 10 Alternatives of Notepad++ For Mac OS

Top 10 Alternatives of Notepad++ For Mac OS

Unfortunately, a dedicated version of Notepad++ is not available for Mac users. But you can try the aforementioned text editors & code manipulation software to get the job done. Some of these features include a powerful API; multiple selections; remarkable customizability, and syntax highlighting and folding. Notepad++ does not support mac and is free for windows. Although, you can install notepad++ on mac using WINE and it is completely free.

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  • If you never save the document you’re editing in Notepad to a file, it only exists in the computer’s RAM.
  • First, you can get a better version of Notepad++ Mac.
  • Hold the “Alt” and the “Shift” key and use the up or down arrow key to select the number of lines that need to be changed.

For more information, please check our privacy policy. Nautical but Nice has a dark blue pastel color scheme based on the color shades of the sea. Solarized’s use of selective contrast and 16-color palette create a pleasurable development experience for developers.

Enable Notepad++ Dark Theme

Please note that this version is NOT compatible with macOS High Sierra, Mojave or newer versions of macOS that require 64bit apps. Thanks goes to WineHQ and Wineskin and their incredible community, the awesome creator of Notepad++, Don Ho, and all the people that made this possible . You can share the app wrapper freely and you can make any changes that you wish. In July 2020, Notepad++ released a version codenamed “Stand with Hong Kong” (v7.8.9). In the release notice, the author expressed his concern on the Chinese government implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. In March 2008, the “Boycott Beijing 2008” banner was placed on Notepad++’s homepage.

It supports more than 60 programming languages and said support can be extended with plugins on Python. Like the great majority of the programs that we mentioned before, it features highlighted text and labels, among other things. The code editor which has been around since 2012 is among the best Notepad++ alternatives for Mac.

Do You Need to Recover Notepad File

You need some way to split your lines into fields, and then sort according to one of these fields. I’d use gawk.exe to do this – you can drive it through Notepad++. Select the string to be found (an IP address in OP’s case), Ctrl+F, “Find all in current document”; the result pane is Copy-able. Or, if you prefer, follow these steps to replace the original numbers with the rounded numbers.

It can also run multi-file projects without any manual setup. Code Runner comes with 25 languages, you can add more languages as per your requirement. As a result, we found that there are various apps for Mac which are as good as Notepad++.

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